Brokerage and Asset Management

End-to-End Solution for Broker-Dealers and Asset Managers

A Happy Marriage: Brokerage & AM Features + NoCode Control

EGAR NoCode Broker and Asset Management has your firm covered across all key departments from client relations and enablement through trading and market data to settlement and reporting.

Built on a no-code Digital Process Automation platform, the solution allows you to natively design custom workflows that automate your business’s operations without stop-gap measures or manual entry exactly where you differentiate yourself from competitors.

  • The EGAR NoCode Platform

    Our no-code platform is a unique approach to application development that focuses on financial services and allows institutions to build and maintain applications faster with less human resources.

    8X faster
    Our no-code platform
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  • Brokerage and Asset Management

    On top of the NoCode platform, we’ve layered a feature-rich brokerage and asset management system that supports your business’s complex operations and asset classes. With integrations to match, the Build vs. Buy decision just became easier:

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Support the Products Your Clients Demand

  • Securities
    • Stocks
    • Bonds
    • Shares
    • ETFs
    • Bills
    • Trade
    • Repo
  • Exchange Traded Derivatives (Futures and Options)
    • Stocks
    • Bond Baskets
    • Interest Rates
    • Indices
    • Currency Pairs
    • Commodities
  • Cryptocurrencies
    • Bitcoin
    • AltCoins
    • StableCoins
    • Derivatives
  • Precious Metals / Commodities
    • Trade
    • Deposits
    • Physical
    • OTC
    • Futures
  • Money Markets
    • Loans
    • Interbank Deposits
  • OTC Derivatives
    • IRS/CCS
    • CDS
    • Exotic Options


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    Case Study: NoCode Brokerage Operations
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