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Cross-Asset, Multi-Function Profile Software Tools Built for Automation and Control

NCW Capital Markets automates straight-through-processing of all trades, while providing clever tools to manage risk on the fly. Forget rekeying trades across systems or running into data silos: NCW Capital Management delivers everything you need for managing cross-asset capital markets activity, all under a single roof, with powerful no-code customization features to keep your platform up to date in a constantly changing business landscape.

A Unified Dashboard for Everything You Do

You and your team will know exactly where there’s work to be done, saving you the time of switching between systems and the hassle of remembering multiple passwords, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

Fully Automated Liquidity and Risk Management

You’ll be able to automate everything from trade capture to settlement, including liquidity and risk management. Payments calendars and a clever limits system mean you can stop worrying about your cashflows and exposure to risk.

Discover Unparalleled NoCode Control Across Operations

Deploy a Manager's Dashboard, where you’ll sees tasks and processes across departments, helping you manage tasks (change priorities, set cut-off, remove/assign a task, transfer it to another employee, etc. with full business intelligence) and modify processes to rapidly meet regulatory and client needs.

With powerful integrations frameworks, you’ll be able to integrate with your key data channels and execution platforms. Even with massive data transfers, you’ll send and receive mission-critical information almost instantaneously.

Enter new markets with the confidence of a system that’s fully multi-asset class and ready for global markets. Segment STP however you’d like while keeping segmentation invisible to end-users.

Flexible realtime reporting will give you the business intelligence tools you need to build a leading capital markets operation.

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