EGAR Global Appoints IBM Vet Mark E. Levin as CEO to Jump-Start No-Code Growth

NEW YORK – Jan 1st, 2021 – The Board of Directors of EGAR Global proudly announces the appointment of Mr. Mark E. Levin to the position of CEO effective 1st January 2021.

Mr. Levin brings comes from a rich background in global, blue-chip firms, having spent over 20 years leading teams at IBM, DXC Technologies, Wipro, and Xerox. Mr. Levin offers EGAR Global an exciting opportunity to drive EGAR NoCode’s adoption among Fortune 500 companies.

Mr. Levin’ wide recognition for excellence in Senior Leadership derives from his ability to drive Growth and Operational Excellence at the Fortune 500 level. Mr. Levin has a proven record of delivering the best-in-class Outsourcing, Cloud & Cognitive, Network, Analytics, and Security services for Fortune 500 banks and other financial firms. Further, Mr. Levin brings a wealth of expertise in Manufacturing, Retail, and Healthcare—sectors key to NoCode’s expansion. Mr. Levin will report directly to the board, where he serves as a member, and work closely with Co-Founder and COO, Gena Ioffe.

Mr. Levin’s appointment has come at a key time for EGAR Global, a global leader in Enterprise No-Code Application Platform (ENCAP) technologies. EGAR is currently completing the second round of its platform’s initial deployments globally. As EGAR continues to expand into the US market and globally, Mr. Levin will be key to expansion. In his new role at EGAR Global, he will be responsible for driving growth in the North American and European markets by introducing EGAR Global and its ENCAP to market leaders in FSI and Global Services. These firms are operating in unknown waters as new technology creates strong challengers. As firms review their infrastructure, business processes, and technology stacks, they are exploring new methods of increasing competitiveness. EGAR Global’s NoCode platform will be essential to delivering on these goals.

Commenting on the appointment, new CEO Mark Levin has said, “I am honored and excited to have been offered the opportunity to lead EGAR Global in its continued evolution as a leader in productivity tech. EGAR Global has amazing market capability with its new NoCode platform offering the widest opportunities to enterprises across sectors.”

Adding, Co-Founder Gena Ioffe stated, “The product we’ve developed is unprecedented in the marketplace as a true no-code platform dedicated to enterprise financial services. Now is the time to move away from traditional development, to finally bridge the gap between business and IT, and to free up developers and focus on important problems while analysts solve routine problems with no-code ‘development’. We’re excited to have Mark, and his experience with T1 banks, accelerate adoption of EGAR NoCode and no-code broadly.”

About EGAR Global NoCode

EGAR Global is a new technology firm built on 20 years of industry expertise and IP, with hundreds of developers, a global presence, and thousands of clients. EGAR Global systems have been proven at over 150 capital market firms, helping manage over one trillion dollars cumulatively.

NoCode begun as an internal development tool before being spun off as a standalone platform to help FSI firms solve problems and manage systems better.

The EGAR NoCode platform is the only application platform with majority no-code (as opposed to low-code) development, built for FSI, and capable of the scalability and flexibility to meet enterprise demands with no-code operation. With hundreds of services, NoCode delivers a turnkey platform for building fully scalable, enterprise financial applications. With hundreds of experienced specialists, EGAR Global provides expert onsite support on NoCode and the underlying technologies, from Camunda BPM to MongoDB and more.

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