End-to-End Cross-Asset Capital Markets Management

Client: Undisclosed
Project: Automate end-to-end business processes for capital market operations

Project Specs

Supported Business Lines: FI, FX, REPO, Commodities (Metals), Derivatives, Asset Management

Supported Markets: Russian and Global

Integrations: Bloomberg (FIX), SWIFT-Alliance (SWIFT), Instruments management system, market data management system

Internal integrations: Core banking, AML, Loans Origination systems

Security Requirements: System must operate across multiple disconnected networks


  • Ability to maintain with NO further deployments (changes made withoutdeploying new code)
  • Frequent changes to and adaptions of the business process
  • Non-standard business processes (such as transactions with the IMF)
  • Necessary to make ongoing updates to formulas, reports, models forcalculating limits and risks, and for them to be available across
  • Need to execute change requests by business analysts without IT support

Why ENC was a good fit:

  • Implementation time decreased significantly while maintaining full security requirements
  • Business units can independently change models, formulas, and limits calculation rules without “deploying” them
  • System allows for configuration of new agreements, documents, and reports without “deploying” any code
  • Users can independently add new instruments or update instrument parameters without “deploying” any new objects
  • Models, instruments, documents, and data are portable across systems, even when lacking network connection
  • System supported varied business processes for multi-platform usability with standardized data
  • System connected with wide range of external market data and third-party systems

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