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Experience Seamless, Agile Client Onboarding

Customer Onboarding

Move away from cumbersome outdated manual onboarding processes and workflows, and deliver fast, effortless and compliant client onboarding.

NCW’s Onboarding solution helps financial institutions to deliver a fast, effortless, and AML/KYC compliant onboarding experience to their clients.

With turnkey multi-channel support, the NCW onboarding application empowers customers to flexibly distribute the onboarding experience to clients via mobile, online, branch or customer call center.

NCW provides a backbone that a client can develop (with or without our assistance), which ultimately ends up saving them money rather than buying expensive, standard solutions.

Powerful Integrations Deliver a Modern Onboarding Journey

Completely out-of-the box and powered by advanced API’s, NCW integrates with existing front-office solutions and client-facing channels, leading to effortless coordination between customer data and documentation, greatly increasing time to market.

With the fintech integrations you need, from platform connectivity to eSign, NCW Onboarding delivers the seamless experiences to which your clients and teams are accustomed.


NCW handles different languages easily with the unique ability to generate documents specific to each country while meeting the different KYC regulations for that locality. NCW connects compliance officers, client managers, and lawyers from across borders to onboard any onshore or offshore entities.

Automatic Error Verification and Correction

NCW provides auto-verification with compliance databases (AML, Sanction), correcting standard errors and incomplete fields. If certain data exists in your system, NCW will offer to auto-fill to speed onboarding and client management.

Digital Orchestration with Region and Market Specific Business Processes

NCW provides Digital Orchestration of all processes, cross-department, engaged in onboarding. NCW provides customized workflows based on the specific client’s business need along with localization of products and services to different markets and business segments.

Document Generation

NCW has built-in document generation capabilities ready to output multi-format documentation, ready for eSign applications.

Available Dictionaries for Custom Client Data and Document Processing

Want to add a step in the process, generate some new docs, or collect additional client data? With NCW there is no need to reinvent the wheel. We have many pre-built data dictionaries that you can deploy to customize onboarding for your business needs.

Client Portal and Post-Onboarding

NCW generates a Client Portal in a matter of minutes with all client appropriate agreements templates and relevant reports while alerting necessary client managers. NCW includes many post-onboarding features for when the Customer Journey is complete, including APIs for account opening, robo-advising, risk profiling, and tariffs & commissions management.