Embrace Multifaceted, Multi-Channel Risk Management
Discover No-Code Speed From Data Management to Limits Configuration
With ENC Risk and Limits Management, our no-code technology delivers unparalleled time to market with less resources. You’ll manage data, edit processes, add new analytics, build reports, and configure limits all without deploying any new code, keeping development teams focused on innovation.
Realtime Limits. Limitless Markets.
With a wide range of limits structures, applicable to all your trade or non-trade operations, ENC Risk and Limits Management minimizes your capital and credit market risk in realtime. With full cross market support ENC Risk and Limits Management is your one-stop for full service risk and limits management:

e.g. MM, FX, Securities, REPO, IRS/CCS, Options, Futures, Any Structured Products, And More Learn more
Organize Hierarchically
Hierarchical limit structures help even the most complex organizations build a transparent and flexible limit structure.
Pre-Trade Control
You'll be able to stop trades and NTOs mid-process with near-zero latency.
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    Case Study: NoCode Brokerage Operations
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The EGAR NoCode (ENC) platform

Driving the next generation technology, ENC helps you automate your operations from front-to-back. A sophisticated platform with comprehensive enterprise services, ENC enables organizations to rapidly build applications and automate digital processes.

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