Robo-advising for partner Bank

Client: Bank (name undisclosed) Objectives:

  • Ongoing configuration of rules for risk profiling
  • Need to support multiple custom allocation models simultaneously
  • Need to be able to add proprietary models and for them to be portable
  • Ability to add new portfolio types with independent sets of rules and models
  • Need to be service based to integrate easily into and with existing applications and client channels\

Why ENC was a good fit:

    • DNM rule engine enabled multiple steps, sorted into branches, for questionnaires with GUI for making changes and automated data modeling for bypassing IT support with new data types
    • Service based architecture allowed for rapid and seamless integration with multiple channels (mobile, online portal, banking client, etc.) and systems (onboarding, CRM, OMS, reports)
    • Allows for many custom macros and models for portfolio specific calculations

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