EGAR Services: With and Without Code

We know that technology providers are only as good as the services sitting alongside their tech. That’s why we provide world-class services to a range of institutions from around the globe.
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No-code Development
We’ll help you leverage your new-found rapid development capabilities with expert process and data design services. Clear that endless automation backlog in record time with a little help from EGAR.
Engineering & Custom Development
Looking to build something truly unique, where NoCode can’t help? We’ve got experts to help you whether you want consulting, outstaffing, or complete hands-off external development. We’re skilled in Java, C/C++, C#, Camunda, SCALA, PYTHON and more. Let’s get to work.
Application and Platform Support
Great, you’ve embraced rapid development and automation. But what do you do if something goes wrong? We provide a range of professional support services for NoCode, and we can even support apps you build for clients with NoCode.
Integration Services
Our roots go deep in integration and we can leverage our proprietary Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) solution, EGAR Connect to integrate internal and external seamlessly. We’ve worked with all kinds of financial messaging (MSMQ, Q-Series, SOAP, REST, FIX, TIBCO, SWIFT), realtime data, risk, origination, execution, clearing and more.
Scaling Services
Co-working isn’t only a hard human problem to solve. Our experts have been able to scale systems efficiently to thousands of concurrent users and magnitudes greater concurrent operations. Let’s get zero to 100 together.
Quality Assurance
With development centers throughout Eastern Europe, our trained QA Engineers and Testers will put together a comprehensive automatic and manual test suite for any systems and applications you need: NoCode, code, third-party, in-house-development, and more.
Database Architecture
Architect the perfect data storage practices for your organization. Whether you need SQL, NoSQL, cloud or local, we’ll help you put together the perfect stack, onboard, integrate, and model your data without breaking a sweat. We have experts in MS SQL, Oracle, Mongo, Hadoop, MySQL, SQL/NoSQL querying, data schematics, and more.
Application Servers and Systems Architecture
Looking to build something but unsure of how to start? Our expert architecture team will help you come up with a concrete roadmap and best practices to deliver well-structured apps and systems, while setting up your application servers so you can hit the ground running.
Realtime Data Services
Realtime data can be a pain. From sourcing from exchanges and alternative data vendors to delivering that data to the correct user groups. Whether you want to go with industry standards (BBG, Refinitiv) or save resources with alternative vendors, EGAR will let you focus on your core business. Provided by experts from EGAR Global and IVolatility.
Data Science
Started collecting data without a plan on how to draw out insights? Maybe you know what analytics you’d like to pull but no idea of how? Our data scientists have been working with Big Data analytics for close to 20 years, and we’ll help you generate actionable intelligence about your business and market.
Services, as a Service
We’re tired of the SaaS paradigm. Organizations have wised up to the benefits of owning on-prem software. Yet, SaaS-only providers make supporting on-prem and private cloud deployments difficult. At EGAR Global, we’re proud to offer services, as services. Talk to us about comprehensive subscriptions to save money or a la carte services to get something done. We’ll help you achieve your goals, whether you buy our tech or not.
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