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Structured Notes Are Complex. Issuing Them Shouldn’t Be.

NCW’s Structured Products Application is a turnkey application for full structured product lifecycle management. Distributing structured products is a time-consuming and resource intensive process, but with NCW you can automate to decrease trade time to minutes, while significced by the power, transparency, and flexibility of the NoCodeWorks no- and low-code development platform.

An Automated End-to-End Workflow

Automate every step along the way. You’ll be able to configure workflow to take client needs to the issuing trade desk through legal and compliance all the way to booking. Never stress about coupon payments, call dates, or maturities again.

Supercharge Your Pricing Engine

With NCW Structured Products, you’ll have the dynamic pricing you need with user-defined models and macros. With integrated low-code scripting, you’ll be able to add your own models in Python, R, Matlab, C#, or your standard of choice.

Designing and Deploying New Structures Has Never Been So Easy

Simplify product configuration with no-code data templates for cross-asset derivatives—FX, commodity, indexes, etc.—with support for custom models, marketing material generation, and sales.

Complex Finance Requires Powerful Connectivity

NCW’s no-and low-code industry leading integrations framework make complex products even simpler. You’ll be able to integrate model libraries such as Quantlib with ease, create API-portable product templates ready for internal and distributor systems, and access pricing analytics and data from anywhere in your stack. The NCW platform comes with ready integrations with IVolatility, Refinitiv, Bloomberg, and other essential data services with support for realtime and historical data for quotes, surfaces, and curves.

Automated document generation cut time to market dramatically by carrying any necessary data directly to attractive and distributable marketing, sales, and legal materials.

Integrated tools and testing frameworks will help you check and validate models, workflow, and structures to ensure minimal downtime and risk.

Interested in learning more about whether NCW Structured Products is right for you?