SWIFT Payments


Client: Undisclosed Objectives:

  • Enable users to configure and update the rules and parameters for any SWIFT message type without programming,→ e.g.migrating from ISO15022 or ISO7775 to ISO20022
  • Need to configure workflows for outgoing SWIFTs,

→ e.g. outgoing SWIFT payments below a certain threshold are sent automatically, while those exceeding the threshold require manual confirmation from specific user groups

  • Need to support matching for standard and custom SWIFT messages without programming
  • Reduction of operational errors and manual work

Why EGAR No Code was a good fit:

    • EGAR No Code platform eases updating SWIFT formats without re-writing any messages or other system data. Transition to ISO20022 is implemented by changing the format in a single place with all messages automatically reconfiguring to match the new format
    • EGAR No Code platform allows users to independently define and frequently change message workflow, confirmation permissions, matching rules, etc.
    • Near-all settlement maintenance is done in nocode mode using workflow, document generation and DNM engine

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