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Powerful Payments That Evolve With You

NCW Enterprise Real-Time Payments

Digital Transformation Has Never Been This Easy

Maximize STP and automation while managing domestic and international payments across financial institutions. Bring orchestration, re-enrichment, and transparent repair to your payments processing while insulating your back-office from vendor lock-in. Deploy multi-bank, multi-currency payments with the flexibility required in today’s changing business and regulatory landscape.

Enterprise Payments with No-Code Flexibility

Leveraging no-code technology with minimal low-code scripting, NCW Payments lowers your TCO by cutting the development cycles and improving system transparency. NCW Payments help financial institutions dynamically manage SWIFT payments through configurable incoming and outgoing SWIFT message templates, transaction  data templates, transaction types, incoming SWIFT matching rules, SWIFT parsing algorithms, cut-off timers, and more.

Learn how our clients are immediately meeting ISO compliance standards while still fully deploying ISO20022 rich data.

Integrations for Effortless Processing

NCW Payments can be integrated into any stack with service-based integration frameworks supporting full STP. Generated SWIFT messages can be distributed to multiple channels with full connectivity to SWIFT Alliance platforms. SWIFT messages are available as a service with auto-API generation and payments processing outputs are easily integrated into any BI tool.

Rapid Setup

New SWIFT message templates are "developed" in under 2 hours without code. New SWIFT workflows are configured in under 2 days. NCW Payments comes pre-loaded with dozens of templates and processes.

No-Code Matching Engine

Matching is configured using our logic-based decision and rules engine entirely within the user GUI.

Highly Scalable

With the flexibility provided by NCW Payments, financial institutions can grow and expand into new markets with support for high volume, high value payments across legacy MT and MX/ISO20022 standards.

Quick Deployment

NCW Payments leverages your existing payments engine to offer you no-code configuration without replacing existing infrastructure.

The NoCodeWorks (NCW) platform, developed using next generation tools and technologies helps you automate a variety of key business processes for brokerage operations, configuring and updating them without code. Integrated with the EGAR product line, or with any existing architecture, NCW provides broad coverage, limitless scalability, and easy automation for any and all investment operations.