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Treasury and Payments

Automate and Future-Proof Payments with Infinite Scalability

With NCW, you’ll gain a full picture of your liquidity and cash flows from across your entire organization. NCW Treasury and Payments helps you manage payments and control liquidity, incorporating data from multi-currency balances for correspondent accounts (nostro and vostro accounts, accounts with regulators, etc.) and their associated cash flows.

Simplify payments with flexible nocode configuration of all payment processing, allowing you to change payments logic, status, and user roles in hours instead of weeks.

Completely rethink the way you manage SWIFT automation by enabling your team to define all necessary rules within the system without any traditional development. Learn about how we’re simplifying the transition to ISO20022.

Solve data lineage problems to audit more effectively and track payments transparently.

With powerful integrations frameworks, you’ll interact over hundreds of protocols with interfacing systems. Even with massive data transfers, you’ll receive mission-critical information almost instantaneously.

Monitor payments positions daily and build payments calendars to track short- and medium-term liquidity.

Deploy realtime reporting centered around essential insights: positions, forward positions, forecasts, limits controls, nostro, and much more. Powerful groupings allow you to group and drill down by account, counterparty, asset class, and much more.

Build payments calendars on top of custom processes to maximize automation and STP with scheduled payments, rules-based conditions, and custom alerts.