Drill deeper into clients’ financial services
NoCode Client 360 Overview
Clients come to you for specific services, but their business with you doesn’t end there. With Client 360 Overview, your client services teams will see how clients interact with different financial services you provide and offer suggestions for where you can add even more value.

Centralizing clients’ data from across your network, this use case pairs NoCode’s broad connectivity and flexible data model with process automation to efficiently deliver the full picture of your client’s risk preferences, investing goals, and business needs to account managers. With powerful decision tables, you can automate service suggestions to replicate best practice insights you’ve captured from your most talented account managers.
Why NoCode?
Built-in document generation instantly sends term sheets to clients’ inboxes for approval
Risk system integration allows you to spot client irregularities and prevent overleveraged clients.
Flexible data models help capture client data from incompatible systems.
NoCode orchestration speed means new services are quickly added to extend the system.
Powerful decision tables allow daily iterations of suggestion models to replicate best practices.

Modules You'll Need
Data Templates
Define the data you want to pull from different systems to inform suggestions
Workflow Orchestrator
Orchestrate the data collection, verification, and processing steps
Rules Engine
Deploy powerful scoring cards and suggestion rules to automate account manager suggestions
Reports Generator
Build intelligent reports to gather insights and improve your application
Document Generator
Generate termsheets, legal forms, and compliance documents
Tasks Dashboard
Manage internal user tasks and make execution seamless
Connect all your client systems together to aggregate data and see through the noise
Maintain IT control of user actions, system loads, and app availability
Integrations You'll Want
Business Intelligence Tools
Accounts Management System
Order Management System

Client Relationship Management System
Realtime Market Data
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