Limit trading activity risk in realtime
NoCode Limits Management
Realtime limiting has grown into a key tool in risk managers’ arsenals. Instead of awaiting reports, modern risk management practices must meet modern speeds. Leading institutions limit their exposure by controlling trading activity in real time, allowing, and blocking trades while maintaining essential execution standards.

Data from your trading and credit systems flows into NoCode Limits Manager, where a set of user-defined filters directs the operation towards the necessary pricing and risk models to accurately measure and compare the operation against all of your firm’s active positions. From there, the application can pause, block, or delete the operation without ever exposing the initiator or the market to your risk management practices.

With sub-10ms trade limiting, NoCode Limits Management leverages our high performance limiting module alongside nocode flexibility to give your risk managers invisible control over overzealous traders, unknowing underwriters, and careless administrators.
Why NoCode?
Track departments, and even individuals, for repeated high-risk operation attempts
Integrate with all upstream business and downstream reporting systems
Remain invisible to end-users with sub-10ms limits pre-execution
Control trade and credit operations with any limit type
Apply limits conditioned on cross-department activity
Rapidly change filters and limiting models to respond to daily changes in conditions

Modules You'll Need
Data Templates
Define the silo'd data you need to input into your limiting model
Workflow Orchestrator
Orchestrate the data collection, verification, and processing steps
Reports Generator
Build intelligent reports to identify repeated high-risk attempts to focus mitigation strategies
Tasks Dashboard
Stay on top of manual tasks, verifications, and approvals
Integrate with business systems and external platforms to stay invisible to end-users
Maintain IT control of user actions, system loads, and app availability
Performance Module
EGAR Realtime Limits Management
High-performance module for realtime big data processing, complex model calculation, and realtime processing
Integrations You'll Want
Realtime Data
Credit Systems
Exchanges and OTC Markets

Risk Management System
Learn more about ENC's architecture (technical)