Survey departments with automated scoring
NoCode OpRisk Assessment
Operational risk has always been difficult to quantify and fold into a general quantitative risk management strategy. By deploying OpRisk assessments, risk management departments can identify trouble spots and deploy ORM practices to mitigate that risk.

This use case involves a questionnaire digging into departments’ operating processes, compliance, fraud prevention practices, continuity strategies, and vendor management. Once data is collected, assessments can be monitored over time to see how departments are responding to mitigation strategies. Some organizations choose to measure operational risk with multiple choice responses which can then be filtered through the NoCode Rules Engine to assign scores and provide high level risk awareness in little time.
Why NoCode?
Automatically score responses to save risk manager time
Integrate human-interfacing systems and set alerts for changing conditions
Create default mitigation strategies and distribute to working groups automatically
Implement flexible questionnaires and collect data without involving database administrators
Monitor responses over time and access reports through your risk management system
Send documents to regulators on letterhead

Modules You'll Need
Data Templates
Define the data you want to collect and analyze in your assessment
Workflow Orchestrator
Orchestrate the data collection, verification, and processing steps
Document Generator
Generate regulatory risk reports automatically
Reports Generator
Build intelligent reports to for internal risk mitigation and reporting
Rules Engine
Score departments and individuals systematically to automatically implement mitigation strategies
Tasks Dashboard
Stay informed of statuses across all your active assessments
Integrate with business systems to automatically capture data and import it into your risk system
Maintain IT control of user actions, system loads, and app availability
Optional Performance Modules
EGAR Realtime Limits Management
Optionally, create limits on different users and departments and control trades in realtime
Integrations You'll Want
Enterprise Resource Planning System
Compliance Systems
Regulator Websites

Risk Management System
Learn more about ENC's architecture (technical)