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Whether you’re a big or small organization, you need to onboard a range of client types. Some may need simple workflows with automated credit checks. Others may require complex human-involved workflows with AML verification and legal approvals. Still others may demand custom procedures that show their value to you as a client.

Whatever the case, every organization has its own approach and your technology should be ready to operationalize that approach. EGAR NoCode lets you build complex, rule-based onboarding workflows ready to integrate with your entire stack for a seamless client journey.

Why NoCode?

Unlimited workflow complexity with transparency into nested processes

Generate custom documents depending on client inputs

Rapidly change onboarding processes within days instead of months

Manage and prevent client errors

Listen for approvals from external systems and regulatory databases

Track clients at different stages to ensure completion

Collect any and all data from clients and other systems

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Modules You’ll Need

Data Templates

Rules Engine

Workflow Orchestrator

Tasks Dashboard

Document Generator

Connect Integration

Reports Generator

IT Monitoring

Integrations You’ll Want

Client Relationship Management

Accounts Management System

Order Management System

BI Tools


EGAR NoCode Architecture