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Use Cases

Which projects benefit the MOST from NoCodeWorks?

If your project covers any of the features below, building on NCW or selecting an NCW-based solution will cut development times, simplify maintenance, and lower your Total Cost of Ownership.

Check out a selection of features that make projects great candidates for NCW:

Document Generation

NCW enables the user to define, and auto-generate, any type of document for your a business process, from MS Office to PDF to XML.

If your solution handles large docflow and requires generating term sheets, confirmations, marketing agreements, and more, it is a good candidate for business processes that involves the use of many documents.

Audits, Error Tracking, and Data Debugging with Data Lineage

NCW records all transactions, models, etc. with full transparency, data lineage, and activity logs , delivering better system auditing, whether for regulators or internal reporting.

If you need to know your data lineage or conduct deep system audits, NCW is a good fit.

User Built Algorithms and Financial Models

NCW has low-code tools that allow the user to define and build his or her own algorithms and financial models. NCW then makes the model immediately available for use in different locations/systems via auto-generated API.

If you need to manage models and macros across processes and systems, NCW is right for you.

Comprehensive Workflow/Rules Based Applications

NCW enables the end-user to build, change and customize even the most complex business processes. Integrated, nocode, easy to implement rules are one of the most powerful and unique feature of NCW.

If you have processes you need to automate, or decisions you want the system to make, NCW development fits your solution.

Multi-Channel Applications

NCW enables the end-user to create API/Web Service based applications or to integrate new functionality into existing legacy applications, utilizing only no-code technology.

If your solution needs to run across channels, NCW is for you.

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